Eucerin Skincare 

dermopurifyer_groupshotWhen I was thinking about what kind of posts I wanted to write, I thought it was important that others could really relate to it as well as having lived it myself.

So skincare… I know there’s some toning and cleansing, and maybe moisturising going on but I’ve never really had a skincare regime or looked into what products I’m using. My skin type is oily – as in, by the end of the day you might be even be able to catch a glimpse of your reflection (okay, well not that bad). So for me, i never knew whether to moisturise, or when or what with.

I started to look into different skincare routines and products. A lot of my friends swear by Laura Mercier or Liz Earle but to be honest I wasn’t wanting to spend a fortune. One site that I came across that was really useful was Paula’s Choice ( It provides really useful reviews and advice on skincare, and explaining the pros and cons of some of the ingredients in products we use.

So after plenty of trawling, I came across Eucerin. I went for a couple of products in their DermoPurifier range – the active night care and toner. It was relatively cheap (£8 – £10) and I genuinely felt after a day that my skin was less oily and looked refreshed. They have different products for different skin types, so I’ll definitely be adding more to my collection.


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