Frank Ocean: The New Album? 


It’s been far too long since Frank Ocean has released new music. There was a promise of him featuring on the Southpaw soundtrack, with an album release soon after but nothing seemed to materialise.

I decided to listen to Miguel’s new album “Wildheart” the other day after being a huge fan of “Kaleidoscope Dream”, and I kept finding myself skipping through looking for a song I could really enjoy (“Hollywood Dreams” was okay).

Anyway, it lead to me re-discovering Channel Orange – Frank Ocean’s first album released waaaaay back in 2012 (Frank, where are you?). It’s like when you hear old 90’s rnb songs, find yourself knowing all the words and singing along probably a bit too loud. Well, that was me and it was great, but I miss you Frank. Fingers crossed for some new music soon.

If you haven’t listened to the album, and you’re sat bored at work/home, check out: Forrest Gump, Pyramids and Lost.

And also, 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Frank Ocean.

^^ everything.


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