Dinner at Paprika

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Last night I went to Paprika in St Albans for dinner with two girlfriends from work. The first thing I noticed was the décor, which was so pretty. It felt as if you’d walked into a high-end vintage store or tea room; shelves lined with books and classic glassware on worn, wooden shelves.

The next thing I noticed was the food, obviously, because I was starving. They took the idea from French-Bistro Style, back when people would open up the kitchens in their home to make extra money, also meaning the menu needed to be simple but tasty  – something Paprika has done really well.

It’s BYOB by the way. We had bread to start, which came with different flavoured butters. For the main, I had Stone Bass with Med Veg which was so yummy. My friend had the steak, which I would recommend even over my own dish. The sauce was one of the best things I’ve tasted, and French or not, the chips were pretty good too.



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