Spectrum Collections Mermaid Brushes

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As I was reviewing my skincare regime, I started to think about my make up – specifically the brushes. I know they say you’re supposed to clean them a million times a day, so I thought I would start afresh & purchase some new ones. I’ve started using gel eyeliner more and more (because I find it lasts way longer), so I was also looking for a good eyeliner/definer brush.

Spectrum Brushes caught my eye instantly: think Mermaid Chic. They come in a range of vibrant colours, and I love the ombré tones of the brushes. They’re also vegan and animal friendly, using really soft fibres. I ordered a couple of brushes direct from their website; I was instantly sold on the design and products on offer, so I needed to see if they lived up to my (high) expectations

The brushes work really well, and take up enough make up without being too heavy. The foundation brush in particular blended really well, so my foundation didn’t appear too “cakey”. The brush feels really soft on your face, something I definitely noticed when comparing them to other brushes I already had. I like the idea of adding some vibrancy to my brush collection too. I’m definitely adding their Mermaid Dreams collection to my wish list. It’s so so pretty and comes with a great range of brushes. Move over Ariel.


<<< fyi, me after using the brushes


One thought on “Spectrum Collections Mermaid Brushes

  1. This is great Rachel, I’ve always struggled to find some decent make-up brushes, and like you I love the colour of these brushes. It’ll be nice to see how you get on with them, I’m fed up of using rubbish brushes!


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