My WCW: Solange Knowles


It’s actually Wednesday, so this seemed like a pretty good idea for a post. Solange Knowles. Did you see the pictures from her wedding (images below)? It looked pretty incredible. Everyone wore white to wedding, and yes Beyoncé looked amazing too. Rather than a fancy car or limo, the bride rocked a bike with flowers  wrapped around the handle bars. Her hair looked beautiful too. In fact, her hair always looks beautiful.

What really inspired me to write this was an interview I read with her in Look Magazine (one of the few magazines I buy). I’ve always admired the way she speaks her mind. Even when talking about her husband, she wasn’t afraid to say how much she loves being called “Mrs Ferguson” and embracing being a wife.

More on “A Brief History of Solange Knowles Speaking her Mind.”

“Saying that, going back to New Orleans and curling up on the couch with Julez and Alan is amazing – even if it’s only for a few days” 

solangeweddingmain solangewedding2

Solange – Losing You


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