That 70s Style


I would never describe myself as a fashionista (is that even the right word?), but I think it’s hard to miss the 70s fashion revival. Topshop and River Island in particular are stocking lots of lace up and flute sleeve tops. My ASOS magazine this Month (above) also showcases the 70s style: denim skirts, flares and folk dresses or just wrap yourself up in a whole bunch of suede.

Think more Almost Famous, less Anchor Man. RHW’s look (below) is one of my favourite takes on the trend. I’m still debating whether I can pull off a pair of long, suede boots or whether I’d look more like Robin Hood instead. Either way, I really like the polished boho look: loose, lightweight and floral.

Untitled design (2)

I’ve never been able to imagine myself in flares, despite their comeback and I definitely couldn’t pull off a suede jumpsuit – as much as I’d like to explore my inner Charlie’s Angel. Instead I’m going for floral or printed wide leg trousers with some sort of vest or crop top. I’ll definitely be purchasing a denim mini or midi skirt too, Alexa Chung for AG Jeans pleaseee. Below are some of my recent purchases in hope of making the trend a bit more accessible, for me anyway.

Read More on: How You’ll Be Doing The 70s Come Autumn (Grazia Magazine)

Untitled design

Topshop Tie Front Top | Topshop Floral Plunge Cami | New Look Ditsy Wide Leg Trousers | Long Sleeve Silk Blouse | Suede Wrap Skirt | Folk Sleeve Kimono |


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