August Wish List

Probably part 1… I wanted to do a wish list that had something for everyone but also stuff I want too, obviously. These are things I have my eye on this month.

Whilst this has a bit of variety, I’m hoping to do more beauty and skincare specific related posts as I like trying new products without having to spend £££££. So look out for those too.

Pocky Sticks

So the first thing is obviously food related. I love Mikado sticks, and these are really similar but have way more flavours to choose from. Despite the panda looking slightly terrifying, these are yummy. You can purchase them from Amazon or Tofu Cute. I might buy a few flavours to keep in the cupboard.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel


I’ve been seeing more and more of La Roche-Posay products, they have a lot of great reviews as well as dedicated customers. Their Effaclar range is great for oily or spot prone skin (I have the spray-on toner which leaves me skin feeling really “fresh”). They have other ranges for other skin types too.

It’s recommended by a lot of fancy dermatologists and takes advantage of new advances in skincare. I’m always looking for a new cleanser, so this made it on my list.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Liner

image1xxlI’m not one to spend a lot of money on makeup, apart from the occasional Mac eye shadow or new lipstick.  But even when I’m wearing no/minimal makeup, I usually put eyeliner on my upper lids so I don’t mind spending a bit more.

If I’m going out I like gel liner, but pen liners save time which is always nice. I find that with a lot of liquid liners, that they start to fade towards the end of the day sometimes because they go on thick unlike the pens.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz


I have pretty thin eyebrows, so I like to add a bit of definition. I’m always reading about Brow Wiz, and know a lot of people who use it so i’m probably a bit late on the band wagon here. I bought a cheaper alternative from Sephora’s own line when I was in Boston, but unfortunately there’s no Sephora here.

The pain with this, is that there aren’t many UK in store stockists, or not locally anyway which means it’s going to involve a bit of guess work. So if you see me and I look like i’ve coloured in my eyebrows with a marker pen then you know why – bare with me.

Lianne La Havas – Blood


I can’t say I have listened to Lianne La Havas much in the past – not for any particular reason but I do like to try out and listen to new music. I’ve heard a couple of snippets from her album (I really like Green and Gold) and read good reviews so far.

Her lyrics are really beautiful, and I love the Neo Soul feel to the album. The record was actually inspired by a trip to Jamaica; it also has elements of Jazz and Reggae. Fyi, play usually do free delivery wooooo.

Lunch Box Yoghurt Pot

5533352100006_066_bThis might seem like a strange thing to put on my wish list. But usually for breakfast, I like a mixture of yoghurt, fruit, nuts, seeds and granola which I take into work. I never usually have time to eat at home, which probably has a lot to do with my snooze button getting lots of action lately. So this yoghurt pot is perfect. I guess you could also use it for fruit, or vegetable crudites.

Zara new collection

Untitled design (3)

Soooo it’s not that there’s anything specific in Zara on my wishlist, it’s more that I love their new collection(L). There’s also been a lot of adding and removing items to my basket. My favourites are their shoulder bags and printed trousers but I love all the light, floral materials they’ve used too.

They have a suede, 70s kind of style bag that I have my eye on and although I know I couldn’t pull off the green boots, I still want them to sit in my wardrobe – you know, just in case. I’ve included some of my favourite picks.


This could be me/you ^^

Love Bake Nourish


I love to bake, as well as eat cakes. Mostly the eating. For reference, my favourite cake/dessert is Pecan Pie and Banoffee Pie. The cakes in this book aren’t healthy, healthy – as in, it’s unfortunately not an excuse to eat it for breakfast everyday. But they are relatively guilt free and aim to create delicious and nutritious treats.

Apparently they’re also very filling, but don’t let this fool you as I would still suggest a spoonful of ice cream on the side.


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