Next’s New Handbags

I buy most of my work clothes from Next, and occasionally bikinis and underwear. The main reasons are that it’s not hugely expensive and has pretty basic stuff i.e. suit trousers, blazers, knitwear. Another reason – I have a Next Directory card which makes it easy to order a million things, feel guilty then send (most of it ) back fuss free.

I’ve been needing well, wanting a new handbag for a while. I tend to just stick to black when it comes to bags, to avoid getting them dirty or outfit clashing (I’m always spilling stuff, usually food). I wasn’t keen on paying loads of money, or particularly bothered by “real leather” as I tend to change my mind a lot anyway. I’m also heading to Berlin and Barcelona in the next couple of Months so I thought something small, enough for makeup, phone, tangle teaser, snacks, camera and money.

Last season’s handbags at Next were pretty average, but their new collection left me pleasantly surprised. I left with a bag that wasn’t black, as well as not being too expensive. Their suede, fringing and studded details fits in well with the current 70s trend – post on this to come. My favourite picks are below. If you haven’t already seen my “August wish list”, I have my eye on a couple of Zara bags too…

Leather Tote Bag | Tan Across Body Bag | Pink Saddle Bag | Neutral Saddle Bag


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