Pre-Autumn Purchases

Pre-Autumn (12)

Tuesday was a stressful day, so it felt like a good time for some online Retail Therapy. My New Look basket has been looking pretty full the last few days, and it was only fair to lessen the load. Apparently, Retail Therapy can help restore a sense of control – of course the feeling of being less control can hit later when you have all those receipts to look at… Either way, I decided to go with the idea that shopping = happy.

As much as I love Summer, I’m starting to get excited about my Autumn Wardrobe. I had a bit of a New Look haul too – they have a great range of A-Line skirts at the moment. Here’s a sneak peak at yesterday’s purchases (there’s a Wish List Pt.2 to come, so I’m trying not to get too carried away…). If you spend £45 you get free delivery; over £65 and free “choose your day” delivery. Sold.

hello! (9)

| 1. New Look A-Line Denim Skirt | 2. Next High Vamp Loafer |  | 3. New Look Croc Ballet Pump | 4. New Look Pointed Heel Boots | 5. Black Stripe T-Shirt | 6. Navy Cord A-Line Skirt |


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