Lavender Farm Part 2

At the weekend, I took a trip back to Hitchin Lavender Farm (see previous post here). This time I took a couple of my own pictures too, other thoughts from this trip…

  • I ordered some organza bags from eBay for a handful of dried lavender, to put under my pillow or in a drawer.
  • The coffee and pecan cake is delicious.
  • If you’re in a group, bring an extra pair of scissors – on busy days it’s one per group.

I’m no photographer but I gave it a go anyway…

sunflower 2
m4hbot9O2Qm6N2t2dTDjKbyfSNt4wfoiTjDmiV1cWJ4,p9-_-OWME7Duz1qKrB6BT3-ob0j2BHZO12NacOJEIIUimage (00000003)pjuy07DeU5cLWeQc3x-xqw1szbb3QA_69BuULgdHyuA,d07CTeQJofrUlrCNR_cn9aMpLS5QFUzEaNXF85QY_oc



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