72 Hours In Belfast

This weekend I’m off to Berlin! As I’ll be a little bit occupied, I’ve asked my friend Ciara, who used to live in Belfast, to write a guest post. You can keep up to date with my Berlin adventures via Instagram too.

Now that I live in England, I only make it back to Belfast every other month to see my family, and when I do, it’s only for the weekend. As there’s always a wealth of new bars, restaurants and shops to visit in the city, I put together my top places to visit in 72 hours in the city.

Filthy McNasty’s

Friday Evening

As I normally get in on the later flight, I try to squeeze as much time into my weekend as possible. After dropping my bags, I’ll head for a few cocktails and late night dinner with friends. The best area for me for food and drinks is definitely around the Linen Quarter. Here you’ll find Deane’s Tapas bar where you can get a few tasty plates that aren’t too heavy. They also have some live music and really good wines!

Once the night goes on, the next stop is Filthy McNasty’s. The secret garden bit is amazing and you never fail to have a fabulous night!

Saturday Day

Probably feeling a little fragile, I’ll need a big coffee and a few carbs before I head to (in my opinion) the best hairdressers in the UK. Luckily for me, French Village is directly under my hairdressers, Hedonist. Here I’ll sit down to some coffee and an Ulster Fry (minus the mushrooms- gross) before getting my hair cut by Simon.

Once I’m finished up, I’ll meet my mum for some shopping; heading around to Victoria Square and walking off the Ulster fry. I always love to head to Cruise and Harper to swoon over Gucci, Christian Louboutin and Victoria Beckham. You gotta dream when on ‘holiday’ right? I always make sure to pay a quick visit to Co Couture before heading home- the best chocolate EVER! If you can, try booking into their chocolate master class.

Saturday Night

Saturday night is always my favourite night to go out, and I’d recommend booking for all the top places in Belfast. One of my top places is The Merchant Hotel, either The Great Room if you want a formal setting, or if you’re into jazz, Bert’s Bar – the steak is delicious and cocktails are amazing.

Next up, head to The Bar & Grill at James Street South. I’ve been here so many times and it just keeps getting better… Zen is another favourite if you’re in the mood for Japanese, plus the service really is second to none. For drinks, after I’d head to the Harp Bar. The décor is 20’s style and they have live music most nights. If I am wanting more of a ‘party atmosphere’, head to Rita’s cocktail bar and China White.


Sunday for me really is the day of rest so I’ll usually do the crosswords with my Mum and have some breakfast (she really is an amazing cook so I try to have as much of her food as I can!) If we do head for some Sunday lunch, it’s usually en route to the airport. We usually head somewhere like The Barking Dog as it does a great roast. Other places that are fantastic (and I’m drooling at the thought of is Il Pirata who do an ‘Italian sharing roast’ and little plates (my favourite as you can have a bit of everything). I’d also recommend heading to Love & Death if you’re in the city centre.

Botanical Gardens

Next time…

The Ulster Museum is also another place to put on your to-do-list; a walk around Botanic Park after with an ice cream is needed! Finally, if like me you have a sweet tooth, the infamous Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory. It is a little out of the city, but totally worth the taxi ride/bus trip to East Belfast. The best Yellow Man you’ll ever taste!


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