Winter Skincare

Even though my skin type is normal/oily, the winter months can still cause havoc on my skin and usually means changing up my skincare routine. Combining the cold air and clammy central heating can cause dryness or irritation for any skin type. Some of the best winter skincare products you’ll inevitably hear or read about are oils, overnight masks or repair creams.

I don’t always use a dedicated night cream – sometimes I just opt for my normal/day time moisturiser. But in the colder months, I make sure I use a night cream changing to an oil once or twice a week. But of course every skin type is different. For example, some weeks I won’t use the oil at all. Or you might be better suited to a balm, instead of an oil.

When it comes to foundation, I typically have a lighter shade as I seem to become a rather ghostly pale. For nights out and extra coverage, I might use a slightly darker foundation on top. Also to avoid being asked “are you unwell?”… My skin will still get oily with the cold weather, but loses the glow and “smoothness”. During the day, a mist can be helpful or a hydrating mask in the evening (as much as I’d love to wear my facemask to work). If I’m doubling up on the moisture, I like to go oil-free where possible.

Here are some of my favourite winter skincare products for a range of skin types, fully recommend ordering through Feel Unique:

Untitled design (11)

[1] Origins VitaZing [2] Jurlique Mist [3] First Aid Ultra Repair Cream [4] Aveda Tourmaline Radiance Mask [5] Balm Balm Face Balm [6] Eucerin Hydrating Care [7] Estée Lauder Moisture Mask [8] L’Occitane Light Cream [9] Decléor Aroma Night Balm

Extra tip

For oily skin, I like Eucerin and Aveda. Balm Balm face balm has tea tree oil in too, so it’s perfect if you suffer from breakouts but still want to maintain well nourished skin.

If you suffer from dry or distressed skin, First Aid Ultra Repair Cream is particularly great. It’s a thick, emollient product without the greasy feel.


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