Post-Christmas Skin Saver

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ll know I suffer from oily skin and the occasional bad break out. My major sweet tooth probably doesn’t contribute to glowing skin or those good skin days either… I do find if my diet hasn’t been great or I’ve had a big night out (which isn’t often), I’m much more prone to breakouts.

The Christmas season is a time where we all over indulge and eat Terry’s Chocolate Orange for breakfast, as well the various Christmas parties or events. So this year I’ve come prepared with the ultimate post-Christmas face mask!


I’ve always been a fan of Origins, I find their skincare fast and effective. The last few months I’ve been using their ‘Clear Improvements’ charcoal mask – a must have for your bathroom cupboard, all year round.

The ‘Out of Trouble’ mask is designed to be a rescue mask for problem skin. I find it immediately tightens my pores, reduces spot size and removes excess oil, all in a 10 minute mask! Even with a really bad breakout, I wouldn’t suggest going over the 10 minutes especially if you have sensitive skin but also because it’s just not necessary.


I’ll be using this at least once a week, especially leading up to and post New Years when skin’s gonna need some extra TLC. I tend to follow with a Simple or Eucerin moisturiser, sometimes coconut oil if it’s night time. You can purchase online or in-store at Debenhams, John Lewis or Origins direct, and more. If you’re US based I know Sephora do these mini ‘pod’ versions of the mask, which is great for travel or if you just want to give it a try!



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