The Wet Brush

Having my hair highlighted and bleached has finally started to take it’s toll. Well, it started happening a while ago but I feel like i’m moving past denial and into acceptance. I would love to have long, thick hair but I’m not sure extensions are for me/it feels like a lot of effort.

I tend to always carry a brush or comb, and for someone who has relatively fine hair I brush it quite a bit. This is also due to the tangles/knotting that the bleaching causes. After moving from comb to Tangle Teezer, I’ve finally found something that de-tangles without pulling and leaves my hair feeling soft – The Wet Brush.


One of my main issues with the Tangle Teezer was when putting my hair into a ponytail, I would always drop it. This may just be me being clumsy or having butter fingers, but i missed having a handle. Another thing I found, was the bristles started to bend after the brush being banged about in my bag. Again, this is probably more a fault with me than the product but I found the Wet Brush to be a much better fit. Whether you’re hair is fine like mine, or gets knotted easily, i am an absolute advocate of the thing.

It comes in different colours and styles if that’s important to you. There’s also lots of different sizes depending on your preference or the thickness of your hair. At £8.00 it’s pretty much a bargain and instantly fixes the whole “way too windswept” look. After having it for about a year, there’s no wear and tear and has become a solid handbag staple. I got mine from Beauty Bay, but there’s plenty of choices online and in store.



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