Be Back Soon …


This blog has become a pretty big part of my everyday life the past year or so, whether it’s thinking of ideas, writing posts or interacting on Social Media. Thank you so much to everyone who reads it or has subscribed. Since starting a new job in January, finding the time hasn’t been as easy and in turn has lost me some motivation. But the great news is, I am loving my new job so it’s not all bad news. I’m also trying to consciously take more life offline, which isn’t so easy with Blogging.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to take a big of a blogging break – coming back even better! I’m off to Budapest at the end of May for a much needed adventure, so i’m hoping to share my travels and more posts when I return. And it’s my Birthday on 28th. See you soon … 


2 thoughts on “Be Back Soon …

  1. I have loved this blog. There is always something new and interesting to read, things to bake and cook and ideas of places to visit.

    Look forward to seeing you back soon. Enjoy your travels.


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