Summer Recipes

The warm weather has got me thinking about summer barbecues and cocktails. With holidays approaching, I guess I’m also thinking about slightly healthier choices (but still including lots of ice cream. Below are some of my favourite summer recipes and some I’ll hopefully be trying this weekend (the watermelon mint tequila popsicles should be top of your list..)

Veggie Noodles with Curried Coconut Sauce


Something about coconut makes me think of summer – Pina Colados, Coconut Prawns on the BBQ … and this recipe is lighter take on a curry, using vegetable noodles instead of pasta. It’s quick and simple, just give yourself time to marinate the noodles beforehand.


Fresh Strawberry Lemonade


Okay so I may have mentioned healthier eating, but i love sweet, ice cold lemonades. A great alternative to a cocktail – or you could pour some rum/vodka in. Make a jug full for any summer BBQ.


Grilled Mango Chicken with Strawberry & Mango Salsa


I tend to eat more salads in the summer, but there’s nothing inspiring about the same old salad, cucumber, chicken and tomatoes. This is a simple way to add some fruit and different flavours into your salad, the salsa is also a great side on it’s own.


Dark Chocolate Avocado Mousse


Apparently a slightly healthier way to eat chocolate – that’s what I’m assuming by chucking a vegetable in there. I’ve heard many great things about chocolate and avocado, as the texture of the avocado makes it thick and creamy. I’m skeptical, but this is one on my list…


Watermelon Mint Tequila Popsicles


Finally and probably my favourite – Watermelon Mint Tequila Popsicles. Make your cocktails edible and even colder, by turning them into lollies. Add in some cut up strawberries to add to the flavour, or take out the alcohol if you need to make them child friendly. Soooooo good!



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