Gluten Free and Low FODMAP Snacks


I’ve recently started on a Low FODMAP diet – a diet often used to help with digestive problems like bloating or feeling lethargic after eating, among lots of health complaints. This was not my own choice and for someone who considers herself as a bit of a sugar junkie, it wasn’t something I was looking forward to either.

What are FODMAPs?

Yep, I had no idea either. They’re a collection of what’s called short chain carbohydrates and sugar alcohols, that can be found in various foods including: fructose and lactose. 

Gluten free too?

So a low FODMAP diet is not the same as a GF diet – gluten is a protein that some people, e.g. those with Celiac Disease, have an intolerance or a sensitivity to, while FODMAPs are poorly digested carbohydrates. However,  the grains that contain gluten – wheat, rye and barley, are also high in FODMAPS. Most gluten-containing foods also have high FODMAP ingredients. With that in mind, I’ve found it easier to go gluten free too which seems to be the case for many other people on the low FODMAP diet (or like me, they are also sensitive to gluten).

What can you eat?

This is where initially I found things a bit confusing; you can eat strawberries, but not blackberries. Potatoes but not pasta. Spinach but no mushrooms. Getting to grips with the foods list isn’t easy but snacks is what I’ve struggled with the most. No more reaching for your favourite cereal bar, a chocolate bar, a packet of Jazzies, pizza, donuts or even greek yoghurt with honey. That being said, it still happens and it’s a bit of a learning process for me and for someone with such a sweet tooth, this hasn’t been much fun. With that said, following the low FODMAP diet has made me feel a million times better even if I do feel like the awkward one at dinners/eating out/BBQs.

My go-to snacks

Whether you’re GF, Low FODMAP or both, I’ve put together some of my favourite quick snacks. By quick, I mean quick – not making some tasty energy balls, or an instagram-able bowl of treats. Something instant, or no more than a minute to put together because finding the time in the middle of the working day when a craving hits, or pre-workout when you’re in a bit of a rush, can be a pain.

  • Propercorn popcorn (Salted or Peanut and Almond)
  • Rice cake (GF) with peanut/almond butter and half a sliced banana
  • Alpro vanilla yoghurt with a sprinkle of raspberries and a small amount of almonds
  • Spinach, blueberry and banana smoothie, with almond milk
  • 9Bar (raspberry and cocoa)
  • Amaizin Natural Corn Chips
  • Pulsin Whey Isolate Protein shake

If you’re in need of some more food or snack inspo, check out the below books and blogs which have been hugely helpful to me.

Over the next few months I’ll be posting more low FODMAP recipes and food ideas too!

  1. The well balanced FODMAPer blog
  2. The Healthy Apple blog
  3. The Low-FODMAP Diet Cookbook By Sue Shepherd

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free and Low FODMAP Snacks

  1. Found your blogg really interesting – nice style of writing too!

    Lovely to meet you at the family BB last Sunday. Such a nice thing that Charlie and Steve did to celebrate Father’s Day!

    Homenow in Sweden – hope you make it here one day!



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