Summer Recipes

The warm weather has got me thinking about summer barbecues and cocktails. With holidays approaching, I guess I’m also thinking about slightly healthier choices (but still including lots of ice cream. Below are some of my favourite summer recipes and some I’ll hopefully be trying this weekend (the watermelon mint tequila popsicles should be top of your list..)

Veggie Noodles with Curried Coconut Sauce


Something about coconut makes me think of summer – Pina Colados, Coconut Prawns on the BBQ … and this recipe is lighter take on a curry, using vegetable noodles instead of pasta. It’s quick and simple, just give yourself time to marinate the noodles beforehand.


Fresh Strawberry Lemonade


Okay so I may have mentioned healthier eating, but i love sweet, ice cold lemonades. A great alternative to a cocktail – or you could pour some rum/vodka in. Make a jug full for any summer BBQ.


Grilled Mango Chicken with Strawberry & Mango Salsa


I tend to eat more salads in the summer, but there’s nothing inspiring about the same old salad, cucumber, chicken and tomatoes. This is a simple way to add some fruit and different flavours into your salad, the salsa is also a great side on it’s own.


Dark Chocolate Avocado Mousse


Apparently a slightly healthier way to eat chocolate – that’s what I’m assuming by chucking a vegetable in there. I’ve heard many great things about chocolate and avocado, as the texture of the avocado makes it thick and creamy. I’m skeptical, but this is one on my list…


Watermelon Mint Tequila Popsicles


Finally and probably my favourite – Watermelon Mint Tequila Popsicles. Make your cocktails edible and even colder, by turning them into lollies. Add in some cut up strawberries to add to the flavour, or take out the alcohol if you need to make them child friendly. Soooooo good!



The Met Gala (and what actually is it?)


Every year we (or I do) look on in awe at some of the beautiful dresses, walking the carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute – as it’s officially known. Some celebrities are asked by designers months in advance, whether they will wear one of their dresses. Kendall Jenner for example admitted she had “lots of options”, with designers presumably queuing to have the young model in one of their designs.

So what is the Met Gala?

The Met Gala is a Benefit and black tie event, held to raise money for the Costume Institute – this is actually the only Met curatorial departments that has to fund itself. The gala has also become known as the “Oscars of the East Coast”, due to the extravagant dresses and celebrity guests that attend the event. Each year has a theme which sets the tone for the gala as well as the guests’ outfits. Some are clear, others are more open to interpretation for example The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion in 2009.

What happens inside is strictly secret, from last year Social Media has been banned from inside the event. There are various rumors of what happens inside, which involves cocktails, dinner and some form of entertainment (last year it was Rihanna). Once Gwyneth Paltrow said it’s hot and boring and crowded … And to be honest most people seem more concerned with the outfits and red carpet anyway.

Can you go?

A ticket to this year’s Gala will set you back $30,000, with tables at $275,000 – although all the money raised goes to the Costume Institute… But of course not everyone pays for a ticket, some celebrities will be invited by sponsors or a designer, or even Anna Wintour herself if you’re really lucky. But if you think you can dip into your savings for the East Coast’s night of the year, think again. The Met Gala in invite-only, and there’s even a waiting list to get on the invitation list. Ms Wintour (also chairwoman of the gala) has the final say, but often invitees will have a “buzz” around them, for example Riley Keough and her new film “The Girlfriend Experience” and of course the Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik.

The Met Gala 2016

The exhibit this year is “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” – hence the array of metallics and slicked back hair styles. The hosts are Anna Wintour , Jonathan Ive, Taylor Swift (discussion on her new style is for another time) and Idris Elba. This year everything from the high street’s H&M and Topshop, to Burberry and Dolce and Gabbana sauntered along the red carpet. Claire Danes even appeared in a light up dress by Zac Posen, building on the tech/3D theme of the night.

My absolute favourite dress from the night was Kate Bosworth in Dolce, but at the moment it seems Burberry can do no wrong as seen by Blake Lively in a beautiful, Burberry gown. Naomie Harris and Nicole Kidman (who looked elegant as ever), also make it to the top of my list).

Rachel McAdams in Atelier Versace


Naomi Watts in Burberry

Kate Bosworth in Dolce & Gabbana
Naomie Harris in Burberry
Blake Lively in Burberry

Be Back Soon …


This blog has become a pretty big part of my everyday life the past year or so, whether it’s thinking of ideas, writing posts or interacting on Social Media. Thank you so much to everyone who reads it or has subscribed. Since starting a new job in January, finding the time hasn’t been as easy and in turn has lost me some motivation. But the great news is, I am loving my new job so it’s not all bad news. I’m also trying to consciously take more life offline, which isn’t so easy with Blogging.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to take a big of a blogging break – coming back even better! I’m off to Budapest at the end of May for a much needed adventure, so i’m hoping to share my travels and more posts when I return. And it’s my Birthday on 28th. See you soon … 

March Wish List

This year has already been super busy, with lots of changes. I feel like I haven’t had the chance to online shop, let alone take a proper trip to Lakeside. This isn’t an actual real life problem… but it’s meant putting off this wish list for a while.

I’m starting to feel very excited for spring and even a few spells of sunshine. Although black will probably always remain the main colour in my wardrobe, I’m trying to inject a bit of colour into my wardrobe; from pastel pinks to bright florals. It’s also time to start thinking about a skincare regime reshuffle, as skin is bound to change inline with the brighter/warmer(?) weather. It might a bit too early to think about sandals, but it can’t hurt having them sat in the wardrobe ready can it?

I already own a pair of ripped jeans, but i’m trying to lean away from just skinny jeans and try some new styles like straight leg (still not brave enough for flares). I love Gigi Hadid in excessively ripped jeans and heels. Not too sure I can actually pull this off but totally going to give it a try. Superfacialist is also worth a mention because it has done wonders for my skin recently. Their cleansing oil forms part of a double cleansing routine – post on this to come …


Untitled design

Missguided Ripped Jeans @ ASOS | Floral Weekend Bag | Superfacialist Renew Cleansing Oil  | Mango Heeled Sandals | Zara Antique-Effect Photo Frame | Pink Whistles Clutch | Mac Skinfinish in Lightscapade | Office Embellished Sandals